How do I register to TAPipedia?

You can register in TAPipedia, either as a member of an organization or as individual member by clicking here

For registering as member of an organization, you may start typing your organization's name/ acronym on the field "Organization".

  • If your organization is already registered in TAPipedia, you will see it appearing on the list below the field. You just have to select it and click the "Create new account button" - after completing your area of activity.
  • If your organization does not appear on the pop-up list of the "Organization" field, this mean that you have to register it for the first time in TAPipedia, by clicking the blue button. On the pop-up window you complete the needed details for your organization and then you click save.

If you want to register as individual, just select "I want to register as individual" on the second step of the registration process.

If you have all information needed in place, you have to click "Create new account" button in order to complete your registration.

How do I share relevant resources with TAPipedia?

To perform this activity, you have to be logged in. For adding your resources you can do it one-by-one by selecting "Submit" on "My Resources" section in your dashboard

What types of resources can I or my organization share with TAPipedia?

You can share with TAPipedia the following resource types, with the appropriate Creative Commons rights: books, book chapters, capacity development level systems, capacity development policies, capacity development tools, case studies, conference papers, conference proceedings, databases, datasets, discussion papers, event, flyers, government reports, images, impact studies, interactive resources, journals and journal articles, knowledge management methods, knowledge management tools, knowledge sharing platforms, learning and facilitation tools, legal ruling, magazine articles, monitoring and evaluation tools, monitoring and evaluation impact studies, newspaper articles, policies, presentations, reports, agricultural technologies and practices, theses, videos, webinars, working papers.

Which thematic areas does TAPipedia cover?

The thematic areas that are covered by TAPipedia are: advisory services, advocacy, brokering, capacity development, climate change, communication, documentation, education, extension, facilitation, farming systems, food and nutrition security, gender equality, impact assessment, innovation systems, knowledge and information systems, learning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), multi-stakeholder processes, negotiation, needs assessment, networks, participatory approaches, policies, private sector engagement, public sector engagement, research, rural development, south - south cooperation, sustainable agriculture, value chains.

Which specific countries does TAPipedia cover?

Resources can cover all regions and countries of the world.

How can I perform a search in TAPipedia?

You may use the search bar of the homepage, or go on www.tapipedia.org/search/tap for searching directly the resources.

How can my organization be presented on TAPipedia network?

You can join the TAPipedia network by registering your organization in TAPipedia.